With Friendship Aerosports, be prepared to have an adventure of a lifetime!

Friendship Aerosports offers sunrise hot air balloon flights seven days a week “weather permitting”. Flights are in the morning, usually at sunrise. Each flight includes setting up and inflating the balloon. Once in the air, you will receive a one hour flight which includes many fantastic views and photo opportunities. After landing, champagne and pastries are served. Free local hotel pickup is included. Private flights may also be arranged.

How hot air balloons work…

Hot air balloons rise because the air inside the balloon is warmer than the surrounding air, and the resulting pressure differentials produce an upward lift. It’s simple…heat the air inside to go up, allow it to cool to go down. The heat comes from propane burners mounted about the basket. A balloon travels in whatever directions the wind blows at a particular altitude. While the pilot cannot “steer” the balloon, he can control the course by rising or descending to find a wind blowing in the direction he wants to go. Our highly skilled pilots are as adept as birds at finding the right current to guide the balloon. And they stay in touch with chase crews on the ground to ensure a coordinated landing.

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